spring home pest controlAre you considering the benefits of spring home pest control for your home? When spring rolls around, it brings flowers, rain showers and of course, pests.

Spring home pest control should start as soon as the flowers bloom, if not sooner.

Controlling pests will help you avoid the health risks that some of those critters can pose. Besides health concerns, pests can cause serious damage to structures within your home, leading to expensive repair costs. And of course, you want to live in an environment with the aesthetic appeal you desire. Since pests can undermine the beauty of your space, it is critical to control or eliminate them before they have the opportunity to make themselves at home.

Eliminating Standing Water Can Control Pests

Any standing water near your home will attract pests, especially mosquitoes. Standing water can accumulate anywhere there is a container suitable to hold a bit of rainwater. Get rid of those opportunities for water to build up. If you have a drainage system, make sure there are no clogs and the water flows smoothly. Clean gutters on a regular basis to ensure proper water flow and quick drying after a rain shower.

Pools of water create the perfect environment for mosquitoes and other harmful microorganisms to breed and thrive. We recommend that you address all water sources before spring arrives. This includes requesting inspection services that will help you to identify issues you might miss.

Landscaping for Pest Control

Landscaping will have a direct effect on how you control pests in your home. The more you learn about landscaping issues, the more prepared you will be to keep the area clean and prevent pests from destroying your hard work.

Moisture control in areas where pests are likely to hide is a major first step. Keep mulch away from areas around your home, as this provides a warm, moist and comfortable environment for pests. Keep vegetation some distance away from the house a well, never allowing it to come into contact with the exterior walls of your home.

How Can You Control Pests Behind Closed Doors During Spring?

There are several ways you can control pests behind closed doors before the spring season arrives. Effective cleaning of your home can prevent some infestations and might help you identify problems before they become worse. This will also help you to save money that would have otherwise gone to expensive repairs.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure a cleaner, pest-free home:

  • Eliminate clutter that is likely to create the warm, enclosed spaces that most pests need to thrive.
  • Remove any excess pet food from around the house. Clean well around cat and dog bowls, ensuring no scraps to entice pests.
  • Remove all dust and dirt through vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, etc. This will give you an opportunity to examine all areas of your home.
  • Repair broken windows, fix screen gaps, and replace missing door sweeps to keep pests away.

Are looking for the best spring home pest control measures? Reach out to our team at Murfreesboro Lawn Service for spring pest control advice from the experts. We’ll help you maintain the comfort and functionality of your home.