common yard weedsControlling common yard weeds can be more of a challenge than you expect, particularly in Murfreesboro Tennessee’s climate. Not only do our hot and humid summers foster the growth of all kinds of plants, but our mild winters represent one of the shortest dormancy periods found in the US.

winter weed controlSure, winter weed control kills certain plants, but don’t worry: Santa understands. Those weeds are killers too, and it’s up to you to protect your landscaping.

fall pre emergent weed controlOne of the most important lawn treatments of the year is fall pre emergent weed control. If you’re used to skimping on maintenance and doing the least with your yard throughout the year, this is the one time you should step it up.

Fall Lawn Care Tips for Bermuda GrassIf you’re looking for fall lawn care tips for Bermuda grass, you have great taste in lawns. This grass type is very popular for many reasons, although it’s best known for having a vibrant green color.

using lime on grassMany homeowners never think about using lime on their grass until they move to the Atlanta area. Why? The soil here is fairly high in clay content, which lowers pH.

fall aeration and seedingIn Murfreesboro Tennessee, there’s quite a bit of confusion over whether fall aeration and seeding are the right choice. Should you have it done before winter? Should you wait until spring or early summer? Chances are, if your neighbors are debating, they have different types of lawns.

Controlling Nutsedge in Your LawnControlling nutsedge in your lawn is a top priority if you want to avoid this African native plant. Another name for nutsedge is nutgrass, but in reality this is more like a weed as it is part of the sedge family.

professional pest control servicesIf you are considering professional pest control services or have doubts about the company you’re using, it is important to know that there are standards by which top professional pest control companies abide.

tree and shrub care servicesTree and shrub care services are great for those who want a gorgeous yard but want to avoid the work, costs and risks associated with having one.

fire ant pest controlDo you have fire ant pest control on the mind? Fire ants aren’t anyone’s favorite guests to the outdoor party, and for good reason—they are not very neighborly.